13 July 2007

Trip Prep

I'm leaving tomorrow morning on a new adventure. (George will join me in a couple weeks.) I've weathered 2+ years in the non-profit world, the LSAT (twice!), law school applications, law school waiting games, and one glorious week of rest and relaxation. It's time to head abroad!

Any trip abroad demands at least a little bit of preparation. Over the past several weeks I've gone to San Francisco to get a visa for China, logged onto the Australian government's visa-granting website, purchased some comfortable clothing and bags, and read more pages of travel guides and travel magazines than I care to remember. It was just Tuesday, though, that I caught myself thinking in Spanish and carefully planning out some of the common phrases used when navigating a new city. This drew me to compare my subconscious to the ordinary cat or dog who somehow senses that its owner is about to leave it for a holiday away from home. My mind somehow learned that each time I've gone through the motions of preparing for a big trip in the past, I've ended up in a Spanish-speaking country where I've relied almost entirely on my second language skills for survival. Weird, but kind of interesting, huh?

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Janie said...

Keep the mama posted...... The blog will be wonderful!!!!!