17 February 2010

Olympic Fever

I should be prepping for tomorrow's classes, but - instead - my eyes will be fixed on the TV tonight. I already know that Lindsey Von is going to do her thing on one of my favorite trails at Whistler. And I can't wait to see what Shaun White pulls out of his snowboarding helmet.

I've loved the winter Olympics for most of my life, but I wasn't always such an alpine fan. Instead, back in the days of Nancy, Tonya, Kristi, and Oksana, I was absolutely obsessed with figure skating. I knew every skater and recorded VHS after VHS full of ice skating competitions. Occasionally, my mom would join me in watching the majestic routines, and she would usually comment on Dick Button's critical commentary. I was reminded of these fond memories when I ran across this story in my headlines. Nothing is quite as effective as the Olympics at bringing out critical commentators.

Ah, well. Looks like Louie Vito is about to shred the halfpipe...

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