01 September 2010

August Summary

August was a bit of a blur. I think it went something like this:

We started the month in Idaho, celebrating Aaron and Misha's big day.

Then, I spent the next two weeks working around the house, painting
window trim, spring cleaning, and generally getting our house in tip top shape. George was an absolute trooper; each night, he would come home from work and lend a hand until it was time to crash. (I'll post proof of our progress on Picasa soon.)

Oh yeah, I had a birthday, including a Natalie Merchant concert, a haircut, lunch with a few friends, a sunset sail on Puget Sound with George and some other friends, and a nasty reaction to the oral typhoid vaccine.

Then, we celebrated John and Sally's big day and got to hang out with, not only the bride and groom and a whole bunch of our diving friends, but also some of our wedding vendors, including Aaron and Meg.

The next day, George's cousin, Emily, and her fiance, David, arrived from New Zealand. We had a great time showing them around the city and catching up on family news.

The next weekend, we went to San Francisco to hang out with Emily and David some more and show them around the big G's main campus.

The next week, I started doing contract work for the immigration law firm where I worked my last year of law school. George and I have spent the last two weeks enjoying our return to being two working adults. It had been a while.

The month ended with a Crowded House concert at our local winery last Saturday.


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