12 March 2011

To Do List

It was a very soggy spring day here in Western Washington. It rained for most of the day, and it's forecast to continue for the next several days. With temperatures warming, you can just about watch our yard green and our plants bloom. But, who has time for that when there is a lengthy to do list?

First, George hung a new light-blocking shade in our bedroom. We're hopeful that these will give us better sleep with long days approaching...or at least let George sleep past 5am this summer.

Then, we finally ordered a photo to hang in our master bathroom. Three years ago, we remodeled it and quickly learned that it is a bit dark. In order to brighten the room, we decided we would hang a cheerful photo with bright blues. After carefully studying our photos from the Maldives and New Zealand, we have decided to have this beauty printed in 16x20 (inches) to hang above the toilet. Let's hope it accomplishes its intended purpose.

Next, the craftroom needed some serious attention. Since about September, I've just been dumping things onto my table without putting things away or accomplishing any projects. In the course of finding my table again, I put tickets, brochures, and momentos from our various trips into separate folders for later review or scrapbooking; finally wrapped the Christmas gifts for some friends; designated the various stacks of fabric for particular projects; and generally got the room back into a condition that will make me want to create.

While working in the craftroom, I noticed that my wedding dress was still hanging in the closet. So, after confirming that my mom is still willing to whip up a quilt or wallhanging with the fabric, I set about deconstructing my dress. I cut out all the inner crinoline- and tulle-type stuff. I rolled up the remaining piece of fabric to send to my mom. I then cut out one row of tulle, which I will save for a tutu for our unconceived child or godchild.

Because I'd already sorted the fabric, I went ahead and made some of the pillows I planned. I know George is going to be thrilled about more pillows to move from the bed each night. And, while I was in sewing mode, I took care of some mending...a skirt, George's jeans, and the lining of my handbag.

Finally, I filled my business card holders with my new business cards.

Although there are still many items on my list, it's a bit lighter after this very productive day.

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