17 August 2011

Summer in Seattle

We (ok, I...but I like to pretend that both of us write here) have been absent from blogging on account of our incredibly busy work and social schedules. Supposedly it's summer in Seattle, though we've only had about 5 days when it's reached 80-degrees (26C)...and that's just for a few brief moments. Despite the abysmal weather, there are still a few signs of summer.

Earlier this month, I celebrated the end of my 28th year and the beginning of my 29th year. Aside from working on the exact day, I had a great time catching up with friends over drinks, sushi, burgers, and brunch...and on three separate days no less. Part of my birthday was a girls' morning out, and Kate and I headed to Lake Union to have a paddle around. I hadn't been there since the week before our wedding, and it's just as fabulous now as it was in 2009. Seattle really is hard to beat on a sunny, blue sky day.

Another great thing about Seattle during the summer is Pike Place Market. I know I've sung the market's praises before, but I'll do it again now. We ended up down at the Market both Saturday and Sunday mornings last weekend. On Saturday, I stopped into my favorite produce stand to pick up fresh ingredients for mango salsa. With fresh ingredients, it's hard to go wrong. On Sunday, I treated myself to fresh flowers. It hardly feels like a "treat" with a price tag of only $5 for a healthy bunch of flowers, but coming home to beautiful fresh flowers for more than a week is definitely a treat.

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