06 September 2011

Love / Hate

We're back from a lovely weekend escape to Las Vegas. I'll sum it up this way:

Things I hate about Vegas:
5. Too many choices - There are about 394,782 shows, 482 types of food, and all too many choices.
4. Advertisements - I did not need to see the pores on Garth Brooks's face larger than my face on a billboard. I never want to see Carrot Top's face ever again. I had no idea that Cirquedu Soleil put on so many different shows. Enough ads already.
3. Difficulty getting around - Long, snaking taxi lines can be found outside of most hotels. There are three or more disconnected monorail systems. Walking a block on the strip requires weaving around paths, through people, and across footbridges. Ah, well - best to sit down at the nearest table or slot machine and stay a while.
2. Drunken frat boys and drunken reunions of former frat boys - Enough said.
1. Smoking - Almost all spaces in Vegas are open to smoking. Gross. Gross. Gross.

Things I love about Vegas:
5. Gambling - Ok, yes, we gambled. I ended up on top by the end of the weekend, but George ended up down just a little more. I do enjoy a good game of blackjack after the semester in Ecuador in which I must have played 1000 hands of 21.
4. Anything goes - One can wear anything or nothing in Vegas. I love a little excuse to dress up, and Vegas is the perfect place to do it. Because anything goes, it also makes for some great people-watching.
3. Sun - The sunshine in Vegas is warm and soothing and the perfect antidote to a relatively dreary summer in Seattle.
2. State of mind - Vegas is not just a place; it's a state of mind. It's a place where, even though you haven't seen 2am in what seems like years, you manage to stay up that late repeatedly. It's a place where, even though you can never manage to veg by the pool for more than 5 minutes, you manage to pass a whole afternoon there. It's a place that feels a world away from reality.
1. Food - We ate our way through Vegas. There are amazing chefs and a fair few celebrity chefs preparing tasty and interesting food around every corner, and what a treat it is to try their creations! George had his best-yet burger; and I had my best-yet risotto. Oh, yum.

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denayeb said...

Dave had his best-yet meal in Vegas! I need to go. Glad you guys had fun.