17 August 2014

Game on!

What's one of the hardest games in humanity? The waiting game. For someone who plans everything and tries to constantly be fully prepared, it is excruciatingly difficult to wait for an event over which I have no real control and which will profoundly affect my life. In case you're wondering why the blog has been so quiet, it's because I've been playing this game.

While I don't have cute newborn photos to show you (yet!), I will give you a fun little little comparison in one of my favorite maternity dresses...both taken as pregnancies coast through the middle of week 39 and approach their official due dates. Madeleine was born on her due date, and I've sworn that this baby would be early through virtually the entire pregnancy.

Last time:

This time

Barefoot and pregnant. Waiting and waiting and over analyzing everything. That's what I'm doing these days. I am so lucky to have such good company (Denaye and Nico in addition to George and Madeleine) as I go through this time.

Stay tuned for cuter content in the days (??) and weeks ahead. 


Janie said...

And this Gramma is twiddling her fingers and has Cleveland Hopkins Airport on speed dial. I am coming, Miss Madeleine. Grandma is coming... And I cannot wait to see him!!!!

Unknown said...

How… how… how did you paint your toe nails!? I'd recognise Madeleine's work... wait... George?

Unknown said...

Why am I Unknown? Stupid Google... can't get their act together huh... it's Nana Harvey!!!!

Naaah just jokes, it's Uncle Heath.

ALKS said...

Oh, Heath. If I tried to paint my toes - even not pregnant - you wouldn't be able to tell it from Madeleine's work. For $20, the nice ladies down the street give me a full pedicure. Can't beat it!