26 September 2014

Elliott - One Month Old

This week, Elliott turned one month old. Honestly, the last month feels like about a year in length. While it has been challenging in many ways, my recovery feels a lifetime ago, and Elliott well and truly feels like he has been part of our family for a lot longer than a month.

Our little guy is rocking a particularly harsh and enduring case of baby acne on his uber sensitive skin. This week, we're hoping to finally kick the diaper rash he has endured for most of his life. Poor guy. None of these things bother him that much, and he continues to grow at an impressive rate. I can hardly believe that I'm already packing away large swaths of 0-3 month clothes that my one month old has outgrown!

Elliott is getting more and more alert and, somewhat reluctantly, finding his voice. I love hearing his squeaks and look forward to our early conversations. He is still somewhat chill, though we definitely notice that we're in the peak infant fussiness zone. While his sleep isn't horrible, I long for those nights where I'd feed him and, upon putting him in his crib, instantly have a sleeping baby until the next feeding. We'll get there again - this, too, shall pass.

Madeleine continues to adore her brother, as you could see from the fox photo, though her enthusiasm has gotten her into trouble from time to time. She often lays beside Elliott in the mornings when he has tummy time and, the other day, she told Elliott, "I love you, Elliott" unprompted. I feel so fortunate to have front row seats to this budding friendship.

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Janie said...

Goodness, how he is growing. And what a darling little man! I miss his huggies... what a sweetheart.