17 July 2015

Friday I'm in Love

So I haven't been the most faithful Friday I'm in Love blogger this summer, but I'm stopping by today with some love!

ONE: Charlotte's Good News

I was overjoyed to learn this week that Misha's beautiful and brave niece, Charlotte, is making great progress towards beating her cancer...and all before age 2. Keep going, fierce one!

TWO: Schick Intuition

I know that a razor is a weird thing to love, but I am lovin' the Schick Intuition. I first read about this when Meg blogged about it while I was pregnant with Elliott. I bought one and loved it during pregnancy, but I figured that I'd go back to a regular ol' razor + shaving gel once I could reach my ankles again. My feet are well within my reach these days, but I still love the simplicity of this razor and cream in one and the added nick resistance it gives a clumsy-with-a-razor girl like me.

THREE: No means no. 

Consent has been a big topic in our house lately. Madeleine loves to love on Elliott, but he is getting to an age where he has sometimes had enough of her hugs. We're constantly telling her that his cries are his way of saying "no" right now and that we have to respect his wishes and stop when he says "no." I love how this video sums it up.

Admittedly, I was pretty oblivious about this whole notion until I saw the video, and I now try my best to respect Madeleine's wishes regarding her body (easier said than done, especially with a strong-willed potty-training toddler) and remind her to do the same for others (for example, telling her to ask her friends if they want a hug before she goes in for the cuddle). I'm certainly a work in progress, but I hope that this foundation will serve our kids well as they get older and face more difficult situations where they have to be confident in their right to say "no" and in respecting others' right to do the same.

FOUR: Nordstrom Sale

On a lighter note, I've been loving the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, which opens to the public today. I have so far resisted these adorable dresses (this and this). I was thrilled to see the Zella Live In collection in the sale. They are the only bottoms I've ever found that allow me to work out without needing a single adjustment. I can't wait to see the tops I ordered because I get a little giddy thinking about wearing clothes that don't have to be nursing-accessible. I can't wait to see my fall capsule shape up after my purchases arrive!

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