12 August 2007

Teaser Photos

Here are a few photos of the trip thus far...

The Great Wall more than midway from Jinshaling to Simatai shows the majestic and fragile sides of the steep wall.

This is a glimpse at one of the pits of Terra Cotta Warriors located in Xian, China. These warriors have been repaired and placed into formation as they would have originally been set in the tomb.


Tracy and I were asked to take photos with many families. This one is on the south end of Tienanmen Square near Mao's tomb.

This is a shot of the beautiful Sydney Opera House on a sunny "winter" day. What a fabulous time I had in Sydney!

Here we are enjoying a nice hot drink after our first dive in the Poor Knight Islands.

This photo was taken from Mount Eden and shows a bit of the crater along with Auckland's skyline and harbor.

It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday in Wellington. Paul and Robyn snapped this photo of George and I enjoying our walk.

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