21 March 2010

Final Spring Break

I'm in my final hours of my final spring break, so I thought I'd give a bit of a recap.

The first weekend of the break, I flew to DC for Denaye's shower and bachelorette party. It was a fantastic weekend including a stunning shower hosted by the Matron of Honor, Alicia; a fun night out with the ladies celebrating Denaye; and not nearly enough time getting to catch up with my best lady. It was also fun to spend some time with Miranda and Stacie, two friends from high school who I hadn't seen (in person) in years, but who I "see" often thanks to Facebook.

As you may know, I was supposed to fly from DC to London for the rest of the break. However, about a month ago, my competition partner, Josh, and I qualified for the ABA's National Client Counseling Competition in Waco, TX. It was scheduled for this weekend. So, instead of flying to London, I returned to Seattle. I got a few hours of down time and a chance to do some wine tasting with some of my law school friends.

On Thursday, Josh and I flew to Waco with our coach, Sharon, to compete in the national competition. Twelve teams competed; six teams went to the semi-finals; and three teams went to the finals. We made it into the semi-final round where we were eliminated, thus placing us among the top six teams in the country.

With a few hours before our flight, we were able to take in some "tourist" attractions. First, it was the Dr. Pepper Museum for a look at old bottles and a ton of posters and an old fashioned float. Then, we drove out of town for a look at the Branch Davidian Compound.

All-in-all, it was a nice spring break. I'm thankful that I'm not sitting at Heathrow caught up in the BA strike, and I'm actually excited to head back to work and school this week. There are just a few weeks of classes remaining and a couple of exams after that. Bring it!

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