07 March 2010

A Good Day For A Walk

We've had a particularly mild "winter" this year. I have to put winter in quotes because, with the exception of about a week in December, we've only had a handful of frosty mornings and zero flakes of snow at our house. It seems we're also going to get away with a short winter as spring is showing up all over the place. The azalea bush in our backyard is in full bloom; the crocuses have popped up and are showing their beautiful purple petals; and sunshine is becoming more frequent.

So, with a forecast of sunny skies and 60-degrees (15.5 C), we had to take advantage of the weather yesterday. After considering our options, George and I decided to spend a good chunk of the day wandering around Washington Park Arboretum and its Japanese Gardens. Here's a snapshot of our day:

This view (Lake Washington and Mount Rainier) slows traffic on a sunny day on SR-520:

Even when there's a crowd, the Japanese gardens are serene.

Many of the flowering bushes are blooming.

Moss is everywhere.

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