29 May 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

Days like today remind me of how much I love our suburban life.

To start, I made cheddar, ham, and dill biscuits* from my new cookbook, The Newlywed Kitchen. I need to use less salt and a tad more buttermilk next time, but they were pretty good for a first try. While they were baking, I used my wonderful new non-stick French skillet to make scrambled eggs mixed with my leftover ingredients as a side for the biscuits. I'll never again own a skillet that is not non-stick because this one is just so awesome. (The next time you need a gift idea for someone who cooks, consider a non-stick skillet. Really, they're that good.)

After a relaxing late breakfast with my sweetie, I went outside to take some "after" pictures of the gutter and interrupted our squirrel's breakfast. Isn't he/she cute?!

George is currently in the attic trying to eradicate the two wasps he spotted up there earlier. I have a photo of him in his protective gear, but I've been asked not to post it. Spoil sport.

This afternoon, I'm going to pick out some exterior lighting fixtures and contemplate making a fourth new recipe in three days. In case you're curious, on Thursday, I made curry chickpea salad from the above-mentioned cookbook, and, yesterday, I successfully completed my first attempt at tortilla de EspaƱa, a favorite dish from my time in Spain.

It's a shame that bar prep starts on Tuesday because I'm really getting into this suburban housewife thing. :-)

*For readers outside the US: Biscuits are, for the closest comparison, a savory scone. They're denser than a muffin but lighter and flakier than a scone. Come visit, I'll make some for you!

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I worry about the suburban housewife thing -