31 May 2010

Starting Summer

Memorial Day marks a day of remembering our troops and the unofficial beginning of summer in the States. I did not spend nearly enough time acknowledging our troops today, but I did kick off the summer with a traditional summer pie. Yes, I made this year's first peach (and blueberry) pie. It was a bit tart, a reflection of the early season peaches, but still pretty tasty.

I hope that I eventually get an opportunity to make a pie for my grandma because I can't help but think about her and her award-winning pies each and every time I make one.

I also made another recipe from the Newlywed Kitchen cookbook: prosciutto and cheese pinwheels. It's similar to this recipe, but it includes pepper and sage (fresh from our garden - thanks, Pat). I substituted asiago cheese for the parmesan in the recipe. Of the three recipes I've tried from this cookbook, this is the third successful one. This one is a definite keeper!

My next adventure begins in the morning. BarBri, here I come!


Janie said...

Yum, yum, yum! David and I will be right over for a meal.

Patricia said...

Me too -