01 July 2010

Progress Report

Well, it looks like I've reached the halfway point in my bar study plan. We have just one more week of classes and four more subjects to cover, and then I'm left to study according to "the plan" for two weeks and a few days. The vast majority of my time post-class will be spent memorizing...by studying my outlines, writing and studying flashcards, and writing a whole lot of practice essays.

So far, I analogize the process to being handcuffed to a treadmill set just a little too fast. You can't stop it or slow it, and getting off is not an option.

For those of you who appreciate a numerical breakdown, I've done the following since June 1: attended 64 hours of class, written 15 outlines totaling 120 pages (size 11 font, single spaced), written 90 essays, and had zero days off.

For those of you who appreciate a visual, this is what my essays and outlines look like in a (virtually full) 3-inch binder:

I apologize if your call, email, text, or Facebook message has not been returned...or if it's been returned and you've received "I've been better" as a response to your inquiry about how I am. Hopefully this helps to explain it. :-)

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