26 July 2010

T-Minus Way Too Little Time

I am feeling an overwhelming, paralyzing amount of stress with the start of the bar exam approximately 18 hours away. And, because I'm short on time to type out how I'm feeling, I'll leave you with a link to Above the Law and just a few words of my own.

Do I think I'm going to pass? Probably, but plenty of people who are smarter and better prepared than me have not passed the bar the first time through, so I know that failure is a very real possibility. Ultimately, I do not know (and will not know until mid-October) whether what I know is enough, but I do not know what more I could have done to prepare over the past two months. So, I'll study for a few more hours, eat some dinner, attempt to forget about the exam, attempt to sleep, and go to the Meydenbauer Center in the morning knowing that I'm about to leave it all on the field.

(Thank you for your cards, calls, texts, and email. I promise to respond eventually.)


Janie said...

You make me so very proud. Best of luck to the most special lady I know. You go girl!

Patricia said...

Hey, the pain, the stress and the sheer hard work, will make the passing all the more worthwhile.

love NZMum

Megan said...

oh my gosh, I've been following but didn't realize it came up so quick! Maybe not so quick to you...I hope you're doing well, I'm sure you are!! Good luck, and enjoy your post-exam vacation!