06 June 2011

Hong Kong and Growing Season

We loved Hong Kong so much on our brief visit in September that we decided to make a long stopover in Hong Kong again. Unfortunately, this trip was a bit of a non-stopper as I came down with some sort of flu after the first day in Hong Kong. This is particularly disappointing because I love the food in Hong Kong and had absolutely no appetite for nearly the entire time there. Ah, well, I guess we'll have to go back!

We did manage to get up to the Peak to have a look at the city from above...and a huge city it is. We also ate our first mangosteens, and we did manage to take in one meal of dim sum. Photos are here.

And now a word on traveling during the growing season...

When we left Seattle, it felt a lot like winter or a reluctant spring. Things were sort of beginning to grow, but it was generally cold and overcast. What a difference two weeks makes! We landed on a beautiful Seattle summer day complete with sunshine and a pleasant breeze. Despite having mowed our lawn a couple of hours before leaving, our grass was completely overgrown by the time we returned. Weeds that did not exist before we left were now taller than my knees. So, we spent a good portion of Sunday slaving in the garden, making things a bit more livable. This makes me think that I will think long and hard about traveling during the growing season again and longer and harder about traveling during the growing season without getting someone to care for the yard. Yikes!

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Patricia said...

I'll come over and house sit because my idea of a vacation is pottering in the garden! We all have our problems - that's mine.