26 June 2011


This morning, George whipped up some sorbet that we got to taste after dinner tonight. The tasty and beautiful basil, lime, buttermilk sorbet looks great in Grandma's Fostoria and tastes even better in my belly. Yum!

We indulged in this treat after we ran across another treat. We went out for a walk this evening to get some exercise and, when we reached the place where we were going to turn around and head back (at the bottom of the hill), we discovered that there was a wine release party going on. The folks at Celaeno Winery were having a party, complete with free tasting, discounts on purchases, free appetizers, a friendly dog, and some live guitar music. It was a pleasant surprise. Turns out, there are some good perks that come with living this close to wine country.

Have a good week!

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