08 July 2011

Life is too short.

I can't seem to find the right words to say what I want to say.

I have gotten a whole lot of bad news over the last few weeks. My high school science teacher (who is only a handful of years older than me) lost her 30-year-old husband and became a single parent to a toddler and infant twins. My stepfather's cousin was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. My aunt's father was diagnosed with advanced terminal cancer and her sister-in-law with breast cancer. My brother's best friend took his life. And, tonight, I learned that a high school classmate's husband has been given a matter of months to live due to the return of cancer.

I've been extra full of complaints lately, and all of these terrible things make me realize that, in comparison, I should have no complaints. Life is so precious, and I have been given so much of it. And now, I think I'll go spend the weekend adoring my amazing husband.

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Janie said...

Well said. Cherish each day...cherish each life.