17 July 2011

Miscellaneous Fanciness

Last weekend, we made our anniversary pilgrimage to Canlis. We know that Canlis is always going to be good, but I think we were particularly blown away by our food this visit. There is a reason the Peter Canlis prawns have been on the menu using the same recipe for 50 years - so delicious. I had perhaps the best steak of my life to date. And I can't even describe the way the staff knows how to perfectly space courses, allowing enough time to enjoy every bite and moment yet preventing boredom. Each time we leave Canlis, I leave wanting to go back more often, but there is something so special about it that I never want it to become ordinary.

Last night, we celebrated the wedding of our friends, Kim and Darren. They had a fabulous celebration overlooking a gorgeous Seattle sunset. These two have been together for what seems like forever...and it was really neat to see their joining the marriage club.

1 comment:

denayeb said...

Was that steak better than Bourbon!? We need a blind taste test.

You know taste buds are 70% controlled by your mind right?