30 October 2012

Halloween Door

As a bit of relief from all the baby cuteness I've been sharing, I thought I'd show you our Halloween door. Yes, much as Madeleine is the center of our world these days, I try to be true to my promise and share our (or at least my) other interests on the blog as well. 

As soon as I saw this spider web tutorial, I knew I had to have one on my door. I don't think I even knew that the door would be to this house yet. Anyway, one of Misha and my crafternoon projects was to make this fun spider web frame. It was the perfect crafternoon project because it took very little time to complete, leaving plenty of time for chatting. (In the process of preparing my $5 Value Village frame for crafternoon, I learned that I am a complete beginner at spray painting. Wow, I have a lot to learn.)

So here's the frame:

And here are the pumpkins I picked from our garden (daddy, mummy, baby): 

And here is our complete Halloween entryway:

Yes, I tried to spray paint a pumpkin to match the frame. Yes, I still have a lot to learn about getting things that are the right scale for the size of our new house. Ah, well. Just as well we plan to stay for 20 years or so. 

Happy Halloween! 

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