10 October 2012

Moving Day

We're going to be late with this week's weekly photo. I'd hoped to be organized and energized enough to pull it off on moving day, but it just didn't happen. What did happen is our entire house loaded onto a truck, driven a few miles, and unloaded into our new house in about five hours. The movers were money well spent and made the day go really smoothly. As a consolation prize for your patience, I'll share with you this grainy phone-in-mirror photo from this evening.

On an unrelated note...mothers of babies and mothers-to-be, consider the Beco Gemini when choosing a front carrier. We're borrowing one before buying one and love that Miss M can ride facing in or out on the front and on the back. I loved the Ergo for baby wearing, but I think this is a much better fit for our curious (and sometimes sleepy) growing girl.