10 February 2014

Snowy Morning

Yesterday morning, we woke up to a few inches of snow on the ground. As you do in the Pacific Northwest, we dashed outside as soon as possible to get in a little play time before rain moved in to melt it away.

Madeleine, once again, showed her love for sledding and lasted about an hour. We were lucky to be joined by the girls next door, who did a great job helping me build a snowman and sledding with Miss M. It was a really fun morning, and we're happy to have temperatures back in the 40s today!


Janie said...

What great, happy, makes-us-all-smile photo's. But.....where is Fang?

denayeb said...

That is quite a snowman! I expect no less from you.

How cute are the girls next door with M! Love it!