03 February 2014

Weekend in Photos...and a Video

I'll start by showing you a video from Friday in which Madeleine is practicing her jumping (and twirling) skills.

Our true weekend consisted of two sunny days, so we took advantage of them as best we could, knowing that temps are supposed to drop dramatically this week and give us a burst of real winter.

Post nap reading of "Go! Go! Go!" with Daddy and Monkey:

Running along the nearby trail: 

Post-brunch swinging at the park:

Holding onto the world's best handlebars:

Signing for "more" during the halftime show of the Puppy Bowl while we waited for the big game:

Of course, we watched the Super Bowl with amazement as our Seahawks stole the show. I must admit that I was hoping for a little closer game. Oh, well. Madeleine mastered "touchdown," and we got to enjoy hearing fireworks throughout our neighborhood. It's going to be an exciting week in the Emerald City!

I hope that you have a great week here or wherever you call home.

1 comment:

Janie said...

Priceless video. Love that O mouth shape at the end. That is YOU, Amanda,29 years ago. Really.