09 April 2014

When you know, you know.

We shopped for a new house for six months before we walked into this one and, within five minutes, knew that we wanted to place an offer on it. When you know, you know.

And so we knew it would be much the same when we'd found the right thing to display in the art nook that greets guests just inside the front door. We wanted to find something special, something unique and personal and meaningful to us. It also needed to be relatively tall and thin.

While we were on Bainbridge last Friday, we were lured into a gallery by some octopus tentacles we saw displayed in the front window. It wasn't long before we knew they were the thing to go in our art nook. The rest, they say, is history.

By David Franklin

To add some contrast, I painted the back of the art nook the same Benjamin Moore Stampede that we have in our dining room. I'm not convinced that it's the forever color, but it looks acceptable for now and does a good job tying the nook to the nearby dining room. The surrounding walls are Benjamin Moore Senora Gray.

By David Franklin

By David Franklin

Not everyone wants ceramic octopus tentacles prominently displayed in their home, but they are just right for us. 


Janie said...

And it is simply perfect for the space you have there. Fantastic!

Carly said...

I love that you painted the inside cubby. Interesting sculpture- it's unique and different than what you see in most homes. Good choice :) Hope you are feeling great.

Unknown said...

Too cool … I love it. And yes, these are the kind of posts I'll comment on ;)