17 December 2014

A Pinterest Christmas: Scrabble Ornament & Paint-Dipped Pinecones

Welcome back to A Pinterest Christmas!

I have two projects to share with you. The first one is inspired by this pin and was free thanks to some Scrabble tiles I had left over from making this for George a couple Father's Days ago.

My biggest challenge was keeping the Gorilla glue from showing on the front, and I found the best results from standing up the tiles while drying the glue.

My second project was a long time coming and remarkably fast. I've had my eye on this pin for ages and intended to carry it out last year when I ended up making these pinecones. I used a few different methods to get the paint on the pinecones before hanging them to dry.

This project comes with a few words of warning. When choosing paint and cone, be aware of the size of the opening of the paint can versus size of the cone and of the amount of paint in the can. I used some leftovers from our garage (red from this makeover and white test paint from our exterior trim) and things didn't always line up as well as intended. Also, be aware that the paint makes the cones heavy and can leave paint drips off the cones as they dry (not just on the floor but also on the cone).

They turned out like this:

Have you checked out Michelle's glitter pinecones? Maybe I'll try those next year.

Be sure to check out what all the other ladies are making this week and participate yourself by commenting on one of our blogs or linking back to us. 

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