06 December 2013

A Pinterest Christmas: Painted Pinecones

First of all - huge thanks to Misha's mother, who sent us a huge box of pinecones from their property in Idaho. They were far better than the ones we have here or the ones sold at the craft store and allowed me to skip that overpowering cinnamon scent.

This project evolved so that the final result doesn't look much like this original Pinspirational photo:

Pin. Original Source.

I tried a couple of methods to completely paint the pinecones, but I wasn't thrilled with either craft paint + brush or spray paint. To be fair, I might have been happier with a more glossy craft paint. Either way, I ended up being most satisfied with the method Misha used (go check out her gold beauties!).

Merry and bright? I think so.

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1 comment:

Janie said...

What a great way to spruce up something very typical and plain. Beautiful.