09 December 2013

Visit to Santa

Happy Monday! Amongst all these craft projects, I thought I'd show you our 2013 visit to Santa. 

First, we stopped by the poinsettia tree for a family photo. 

Then, we headed to the Santa line, where Madeleine was being pretty mummy clingy. 

Finally, it was time for Santa. Last year, Madeleine was perfectly happy to pose with the jolly ol' man in all her bald goodness. This year was a different story. 

George and I are moderately amused to have some screaming Santa photos. We'll see what Madeleine thinks about it when she's 20. 


Janie said...

Come to Grandma, my sweet Madeleine. Yep, these are keepers!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Santa hasn't changed a bit!

denayeb said...

Amazing action shot, clearly this Santa has done this a time or two.