23 December 2013

Our Christmas Home

I've been showing you Christmas projects throughout this month, and today I want to welcome you into our home to see how I've put all the projects together.

Most of the Christmas action is going on in our formal livingroom, a space we don't ordinarily use very much. It's nice to have the tree and other decorations luring us into the room a few times a day.

While I tried to make the formal livingroom really bright and semi-modern, I wanted the family room to feel a little more cozy, eclectic, and slightly rustic.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram and might be wondering what happened to toothpaste deer, this is him. The original paint color made him look like he'd bathed in toothpaste, so I rescued him with some metallic copper paint.

I loved my faux tree so much last year that decided to make one again this year.

To change things up, I packed up our salmon decorations and filled the shelved with festive items. I wrapped some books and empty boxes with craft paper to help fill up the space.

I even spruced up our kitchen table, where we share virtually all of the meals we eat at home. George calls these placemats cheesy. I'll let you decide.

Phew. Last night, I finished the two gifts that I made Madeleine for Christmas, so I think I'm finally ready for the big day, which we'll spend enjoying each other at home.

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Janie said...

How fun. Holidays are a'happinen at the Sadlier's! Can't wait to see it in real time!