20 December 2013

A Pinterest Christmas: Linen Stockings

The time has come for this year's edition of A Pinterest Christmas to end. I thought I'd end with the project I made to go the distance: family stockings.

I fell in love with the Pinspiration project:

Pin. Source.

My version turned out to be pretty green. The linen was left over from another project, and the lining and rope loops come from old mailroom bags that I wanted to repurpose. I washed and dried both fabrics before starting, and I used a pattern that I made up and transferred onto heavy cardboard with the liner one being slightly smaller than the outer pattern.

The final product is intentionally plain. I have plenty of ideas about how we can change up some little accents each year (like adding decorative pins like the original, or adding letters like this). I made enough stockings for our whole family (George, me, and the total number of kids we hope to eventually have), so I'll probably find a permanent way to affix everyone's name to a stocking after we're all done adding members to our family.

For now, I like that they are a new tradition in the making while this year's colorful decorations get to take center stage.

Do you use the same stockings every year or get new ones? Are there any other Christmas decorations you count on seeing year after year?

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Janie said...

Simple but striking. Good job.