19 December 2013

A Pinterest Christmas: Christmas Table Runners

Confession time: This project wasn't really inspired by any particular pin. Rather, I just decided that I wanted Christmas table runners. I also decided to frame some fabric to hang above the sideboard. So I did it.

Between my stash and some discount holiday fabric, I identified six coordinating fabrics to frame and use for table runners. The runners I'm using this year are the theme fabric with red accents, and I also made one with the blue/green accent fabrics that I'll use another year.

Recognize those trees? This year, I added a new green yarn tree and a new green felt tree, inspired by this pin.

They are busy enough that they don't need a whole lot added to them, and I'm especially loving my battery-operated (complete with auto timer!) pillar candles.

What's in the center of your table this year?

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Janie said...

I'm jealous. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Can't wait to see in real-time....in a dew days!