17 October 2010

Backyard Antics

Our local Raccoon family came by this evening to welcome us back from Walla Walla, and to congratulate Amanda on passing the Bar Exam. Here are two of the little ones, climbing the tree behind the house (which will not make the Squirrels happy). Their sibling is nearby, out of shot, and Mama came by a little later to keep an eye on them.

As long as we are at it, here are some more photos of the denizens of our backyard from the last week or so. Our neighbor puts out peanuts for the Squirrels occasionally, but it turns out the local Woodpeckers like them too...

There's usually a pair of Woodpeckers and a trio of Squirrels, and the Woodpeckers have been known to try and drive the Squirrels off... which is particularly funny because apparently nobody told the Squirrels they were supposed to be intimidated -- they take no notice whatsoever.

This particular day, however, peace reigned between the avian and mammalian inhabitants of the yard, and everybody got some peanuts.

We get a variety of other wildlife, but these are the critters who are most amenable to being photographed. I mean, we have only seen a Coyote around here once, so chances are I'm not going to get a photo any time soon...

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