28 October 2010

Taking the Oath

On Tuesday afternoon, I took the oath of attorney and was sworn into the Washington State Bar.

It was just a few days from getting my letter to scheduling my swearing in. Unfortunately, that meant that one of my biggest supporters, my mom, was not able to be there. Fortunately, it happened to be scheduled when one of my most enduring and closest friends, Denaye, would be in town to share the moment. Denaye's presence was definitely fitting given that we were chatting on the phone when I got my mail on February 22, 2007 and discovered that I'd been accepted to law school. A couple of my local friends, Theresa and Shahms, were also able to get some time off of work to attend the ceremony. And, of course, my George was never far away.

I wish I could tell you that I'm now officially a lawyer. Unfortunately, that lovely letter that told me that I passed the bar exam also told me that I had about four boxes to tick: 4+ hours of online training, pay yet more fees, fill out yet more forms, and be sworn in by a judge. My final online video ended just a few moments ago, so I have officially satisfied every...single...requirement for bar admission. Now, it's in the hands of the bar association and the Supreme Court. Once they issue me my bar number and bar card, I'll be official.

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Janie said...

While not there in physical presence, I was there in thought that whole day. And thank you, Denaye & George, for being my stand-in. I can think of no better substitutes!!!! What a great, great, GREAT day!