22 November 2010

Record Time

Here's my day in numbers:
2: number of hours it took me to get to work
17:12: the time I left work
21:43: the time I arrived home from work
4.5: number of hours it took me to get home from work
0: number of plows or salt trucks I saw
1: number of police officers I saw on the road

I have to say, I feel extremely lucky. I am home, safe and sound with my husband, but woah - what a commute!

Follow current conditions in our 'hood on King 5 News.

** UPDATE **
I woke up this morning to reports of friends who had 9-and 11-hour commutes home last night. I was very lucky, indeed.

1 comment:

Patricia said...

You need a supply of 'talking books' - I find they fill in commuting time very well.

I checked out the favourite snow photos - loved the cat in the santa suit!

Thanks for the blog news because I had no idea it was snowing in your part of the world - snow covers for the Feijoa tree.

We've just been tramping around Corliss Island in the middle of the Whanganui River - lots of mud and water and a wonderful sunny evening (sorry).