03 June 2012

Weekend in Photos

As you might imagine, we are deep in baby preparation mode with George's energy going into organization and mine into cleaning and cooking meals to freeze.  We are very nearly ready for this little one to arrive.

Mmmm...enchilada sauce in the making...

36.5 weeks (and, yes, a little tired)

Special delivery!  Now we have a place to store our hoarded food.

I am loving this product. 

First fruit pie of the season (rhubarb/strawberry for George to take to work)...

The carseat is installed.  Let's hope we're in the 10-percent of people who properly install and use a carseat. 

Have a great week!


ALKS said...

It is a chest freezer - basically the cheapest one we could find. We figure that if we really use and like it, we'll consider making more of an investment.

As for food, if you want to bring something when you visit baby, we'll be grateful. :-)

denayeb said...

Love the red car seat! You can now practice driving with one eye on the road and one eye in the back.

I could freeze up some of my green smoothies to send you.