17 June 2012

Weekend in Photos

We had a relatively low-key weekend as we continue to wait for our daughter to indicate that she wants to join us.  

George hung our Bob Steiner ceramics using ultra earthquake-proof techniques. 

Every card I make carries this stamp (my name in Mandarin characters...or so the nice man in Beijing told me).

Well timed, junk mail gods. 

38.5 weeks (aka very pregnant)

George's first Father's Day

I want to kiss the designer of this dress. It was a favorite travel dress before pregnancy and has carried me all the way through the pregnancy, too. 

We attended our fifth and final baby class (infant CPR) and our third Swedish location. I think we're ready.

So true. 

It'll be a week of waiting and trying to enjoy pre-baby peace without getting too anxious.  How was your weekend? What's on tap for your week?