19 November 2012

First Food

I've been in denial for several weeks about Madeleine's need for solids. She went from a baby who reliably slept through the night to a baby who woke up two to three times a night giving strong hunger signs. Between not wanting to deal with food poo in her cloth diapers to not wanting my little girl to grow up, I really dragged my feet on this one. Late last week, I broke. George and I decided that Sunday would be the day we'd give Madeleine her first taste of solid food.

Due to my lack of planning and preparation of food, we ended up with oatmeal as the first food. I followed this recipe for oatmeal cereal using steel cut oats. I didn't cut it with milk yesterday but I did today. We're stuck with oatmeal for four days (to make sure she doesn't have an allergic reaction) and then will move on to a vegetable. I'm not sure what it'll be, but perhaps something suitable for Thanksgiving. Her friends all seem to like sweet potatoes and squash.

In hind sight, I probably should have warmed Madeleine up to the process in advance. Instead, we plopped her in her Bumbo, attached the tray (for the first time), put a bib around her neck (for the first time), and then attempted to shove a spoon in her mouth (for the first time). She wanted to suck on the spoon and seemed confused by the texture of the food attempting to go down her throat. She liked the Bumbo tray and wondered how she was supposed to play with this new thing attached to her neck.

I know what you're thinking: enough talk - give me photos!

Well, you're in luck!

I even have photographic proof that she survived the experience unharmed:
Baby Girl loves her Jumperoo. Thank you, consignment shop.

Apparently our baby squirrel saved some breakfast in her cheeks.

Happy Monday!

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Janie said...

Another first in the long line of many. Welcome to another step into life, little Madeleine!