11 November 2012

Weekend in Photos

What a weekend! It started and ended with leaks in our new house. In the middle, we heard owls, saw a coyote, and finally hung a few things on our walls. I suppose you take the good with the bad in homeownership. 

Lots of photos this weekend - bear with me! 

Frosty leaves.

And again.

Frost and debris on the hydrangeas. Can you tell we're in the middle of getting a new roof?

Wee frosty hydrangea (sounds like a band name).

Daddy's helper

21st Century: M and her buddy, O (in New Zealand), are having a Google Hangout.

"What do you want, Mum? I'm reading."

My crafting space is finally taking shape. (Remember this window.)

Organizing. Labeling. You know, the essentials. 

Madeleine's not sure about her new ride...

...or about Sunday morning.

Ready for brunch.

Hot Puffs. OMG. My waist does not need to know about these.

Rearranging the room. Decorating the walls.

ROYGBIV inspired by Pinterest. I'm so late to the bandwagon that this is probably out of style, right?

Remember that window? I knew I kept my college era towels for a reason.

I know I say it every week, but we're hoping to get more settled in our new house this week. We're also hoping the roof gets finished. What's on your agenda for the week ahead?

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