04 November 2012

Weekend in Photos

Apologies for being a little thin on the ground with pictures from this weekend. Most of the weekend was spent on the never-ending task of getting moved into our new house. One day, everything will find its home. In the mean time, we have a lot more work to do.

What happens in the middle of a feed when a certain baby wakes up too early and demands breakfast...

Growing wee toes

Someone likes napping in Mummy and Daddy's bed.

A box of (itti bitti) happiness arrived!

I voted!

Baby plates have been purchased. Solid food isn't far away. Ugh.

When she's had enough playing, Madeleine just lays down and sucks her fingers until we put her down for her nap.


Unknown said...

We love the OXO Tot bowls, plates, and snack pods! Great choice!! Good luck with solids, I was dreading it too! -- Kendra

ALKS said...

Nicely spotted, Kendra! I'm glad to hear that they work well.

Spike said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures in solids. It's nice to have someone 6 weeks ahead of me...

Let me know how you like the Oxo Tot stuff, too.