31 January 2013

Madeleine - Week 31

Apologies for the late post; we had a little excitement last night that kept me from processing the photo until today.

After having something new just about every day last week, this week has been a little more of the same for Madeleine. She's still perfecting her clapping, getting a little better about using her "all done" sign at appropriate times, starting to pick up the "milk" sign, and showing great frustration when she wants to move forward but instead moves backwards. As I mentioned this weekend, she is patting me back when I pick her up and hug her - still melts my heart each and every time.


Spike said...

When did you start signing with her?

ALKS said...

I've been doing milk, more, and all done since about 4.5 or 5 months old. I've just added food, but am otherwise keeping it simple until she really gets the hang of these ones.