27 January 2013

Weekend in Photos

Even though I'm no longer doing weekend in photos posts as a regular feature, I do want to bring them back from time to time. On Saturday morning, I woke up inspired. And, although I discovered that I'm really out of practice at taking decent photos on my phone (especially of a very active seven month old), I'm sharing a few photos from the weekend.

On Friday, Misha and I ventured with Madeleine to Tacoma to meet John & Sherry of Young House Love.

Baby food making + stocking the freezer of a soon-to-be mama = lots of food scraps

Chillin' on Saturday afternoon

Saturday night date night at Japonessa

This girl is ready for the pool!

George made this amazing (and healthy) chicken tikka masala. 

Madeleine fell asleep with one of her tag blankets today. Happy mum.

It was a good weekend, and I won't soon forget Saturday morning, when Madeleine returned a hug for the first time. Sweet, sweet girl.

What did you do this weekend?

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