19 January 2013

New Zealand Photo Dump

Remember me? The one who blogs more than once a week? While I apologize for being quieter than normal the last couple of weeks, I think I have a pretty good excuse: we were in New Zealand for a little over a month and have spent the last week getting readjusted at home. It was quite a shock to the system to go from 30C to 30F and to go from having lots of people around to just being Madeleine and me during the day, but we're coping.

It was a wonderful trip. We did very little in the way of touristy things (a museum, an aquarium, a few wineries, and the Hobbit at the Embassy) and a lot in the way of catching up with family and friends. We took 1000 photos and traveled more than 16,000 miles and made too many memories to count.

Here's just a glimpse of our time away:

Madeleine met her granddad upon landing in Auckland.

Pohutukawa were blooming. Gorgeous.
Madeleine and her "cousin" O checked each other out. 

Madeleine's "cousin," A, was very keen on entertaining her.

Uncle Heath dressed up Madeleine like a pirate.

Madeleine met Granny Pat, who taught her all about growing a beautiful garden.

Did I mention that the Pohutukawa were amazing?

Madeleine met her great grandmother, who will turn 93 next month.

Madeleine's Grandma Robyn is pretty taken with her as well.

Madeleine loved Granddad and Grandma's coffee table. (Sorry for all the hand, finger, and toe prints.)

Madeleine and Granddad and Grandma match! 

We took a Christmas Eve swim. It was HOT!

This is one of my favorite shots of Madeleine.

We listened to Polynesian Christmas carols until midnight on Christmas Eve.

Madeleine did pretty well opening her first present on Christmas morning.

Then she changed into her present and hung out with the wrapping paper for the rest of the morning.

After getting to Granny Pat's house on Christmas Day, we stripped off the clothes because it was such a hot day.

Uncle Heath taught Madeleine how to use her feet to operate an iPad.

George and I were honored to be official witnesses to our friends' legal marriage ceremony.

Madeleine caught up on a bit of reading.

We took a four generation photo...and everyone looked at the camera!

We caught up with George's first cousin and his daughter, who is six weeks younger than Madeleine.

We drove to the top of Te Mata Peak and were pleasantly surprised.

Madeleine enjoyed the breeze in her hair at Te Mata Peak in the Hawke's Bay.

We captured a family timer photo on the Peak as well (notice the shadow).

Madeleine loved the National Aquarium of New Zealand, and her parents loved that she loved it.

We visited Craggy Range for a bit of wine tasting.

We took some photos along the coast in Hawke's Bay before lunch at Clearview.

It was fun to see Madeleine and her cousins playing.
We captured six of the seven members of the newest generation on George's father's side of the family.

I know I say this every time we return from New Zealand, but I feel so fortunate to have married into George's family. They are some seriously fun, witty, and welcoming people. Thanks for the great time!

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Janie said...

Loved them all. I keep scanning them over and over. What a great time you all had.