13 February 2013

Madeleine - Week 33

It's a two-photo week - lucky you! Just think of it as my way of passing along a little of the joy we get from our sweet Madeleine.

Seriously, she is so fun right now. (I know. I know. I always say that.) This morning we had a splashing good time at the pool, and right now she's covered in sweet potato and baby yogurt while shoving little puff treats in the direction of her mouth. Her food world is really opening up. In Vegas, we fed her some naan, and she's currently my taste tester as I develop a recipe for baby banana bread. On the mobility front, she is doing a lot of planking and getting less frustrated as she inches closer and closer to officially crawling. She continues to do well with signing, today adding "more" to her repertoire. To top it off, she has become a rock star sleeper, typically clocking 11 hours at night and at least two 2+ hour naps during the day. (She says, knocking on the nearest piece of wood.) Really, I just want to soak in every moment of our sweet girl. 

And now for some photos...


aaron and misha said...

I am dying over her top. How did you time it so that she would fit into it this week? Can't wait to see you this weekend! Happy Valentine's day Sadliers!

Janie said...

Happy Valentine's Day, my little Valentine. Love, Grandma Janie