27 February 2013

Madeleine - Week 35

To fairly document something, you have to show the good, the bad, and the ugly. This week is a combination of the latter two. Today is Miss Madeleine's 8 month birthday, but she is one sick sweet girl. She has been enduring congestion and coughing since the weekend and a fever the last two days. Her doctor wants us to treat it at home until she has three days of fever, so we may be paying one of Madeleine's favorite people a visit tomorrow or Friday if things don't shape up quickly. 

In the development realm, Madeleine made big progress toward crawling on Monday when she figured out how to get her knees properly under her and move them. She is really just a wink away from moving forward! 

Note to mamas, mamas-to-be, and those shopping for the aforementioned people: In addition to the best nose sucker out there (also referenced here), consider treating your wee one to some Hanna Andersson pajamas. Because they're footless, they fit well for a long time. (Looks like they're having a sale at the moment, too!) We're lucky to have an outlet nearby, but (at least here) they are also plentiful on the secondhand market because they hold up really well. In fact, the ones M is wearing in the photo came from a secondhand store, have been worn by her for months, and still look brand new. 

And, no, I was not asked or compensated for my honest opinion about these two great products. :-)

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