06 March 2013

Madeleine - Week 36

I'm happy to report that our pleasant little girl has returned! Madeleine was diagnosed with an ear infection last Thursday, and she started to return to normal within a few hours of the first dose of antibiotics.

Madeleine continues to work on moving forward, and I really feel that it's going to happen any moment now. She is very interested in moving and has started to put her knees under her bottom more consistently. Meanwhile, she is showing interest in pulling up on things and building leg strength for walking. Yikes!

This has been a very exciting week in the food department. Madeleine has shown a strong and somewhat sudden interest in finger foods. She particularly enjoyed steamed broccoli (that's my girl!) and tortillas. My latest batch of baby muffins (blueberry) was the most well received thus far. Although we're still feeding her some pureed foods, it is really thrilling to make her a version of whatever we're eating for dinner!

Although a bit lot out of focus, here's our girl:

I must also show this week's production assistants:

Grandma Janie & Madeleine

Madeleine & Sophie

Thank you for the adorable dress, Sally!!

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