20 March 2013

Madeleine - Week 38

Madeleine is growing, changing, and developing every single day. I can't believe how quickly her recent milestones have approached.

Just yesterday, she wasn't all that interested in crawling, but today she is crawling (military style) everywhere...especially when it's into trouble (electric sockets, anyone?). It seems like yesterday when we started going to mom/baby aerobics (mom does aerobics while wearing baby); at our last class she played on the floor with her friend, Jack, instead of being worn. Madeleine is obsessed with standing, though we lowered her crib mattress to its lowest setting after discovering that she could pull herself up on the middle setting. Speaking of obsessions, she has been really interested in pulling her socks off at every opportunity. I have a feeling that the devious look she gives me post sock removal is one I'll frequently see in about 13 years.

For today's photoshoot, we decided to honor the first day of spring...even though it is blustery outside. At least the pouring rain and wind are mixed with a healthy dose of sunshine. Who says it always rains in Seattle?

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