15 March 2013

Madeleine - Week 37

Apologies for the delayed posting. Madeleine and I spent part of this week in Dallas with our friends, Denaye and David (and their adorable Havanese, Lucy), and some technical difficulties prevented me from retrieving the photos from my camera until we returned.

Anyway, it was a HUGE week in Madeleine's life. On Tuesday, she took her first crawl in Denaye and David's backyard. She has also started to regularly demonstrate that she can go from laying to sitting and back again on her own. While Madeleine is still toothless, the swollen bumps on her lower jaw, unusual fussiness, and extra saliva indicate that teeth are not far away (although, haven't I been saying that since last year?!). Miss M continues to enjoy a wide variety of food; she ate pancakes, dill pickle, pulled pork, brisket, and smoked turkey while we were in Texas. Yum!

For me, this week was special because I got to introduce two of the most important ladies in my life to each other.

I'm also rather fond of this week's outfit and Amy Butler fabric, so let's move on to photos - shall we?

And a special thanks to this week's production assistants, Denaye and Lucy:

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