18 March 2013

Texas Forever!

Yes, the title of this post references Friday Night Lights, which is fitting because my bestie, Denaye, got me hooked on that show just before it was cancelled...and now she lives in Texas. Dallas, Texas is where Madeleine and I spent last week with Denaye, David, and their very patient dog, Lucy.

I had a spectacular time catching up with Denaye and David, eating fantastic food, seeing a few sites, and introducing Madeleine to two people very special to George and me. Sometimes I think that I take it for granted, but I really do treasure the fact that Denaye and I easily slip back into hanging out and chatting whenever we see each other. It's almost like we don't live 2000+ miles apart and see each other a few times a year at most.

I'll let the photos (and a few captions) do the rest of the talking.

Giddy for sunshine and fresh Texas air.

This girl is so happy to have Lucy in her hands, literally.

Madeleine was a bit skeptical of Uncle David, even during peek-a-boo.

Madeleine and Aunt Denaye

Aunt Denaye took Madeleine shoe cowgirl boot shopping.

Matching in Fort Worth

Big Flag. Little Girl.

Apparently longhorns are funny. 

Oh, and I suppose you want some evidence of Madeleine's crawling. Here it is:

Thanks for wonderful hospitality and memories, Denaye and David! We can't wait to see you in Seattle and visit you again in Dallas!

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denayeb said...

Amazing pics!! Thanks again for coming :) Can't wait to make a trip to the great NW.