16 March 2013

St. Patty's Day Bunting & Frame

It's the day before St. Patrick's Day, and I just hung my frame and bunting on the door. Oops. 

The frame I used is the same one I used for Halloween, spraypainted antique brass. The bunting was a quick little sewing project using well under a quarter of a yard of cheap holiday fabric and some binding left over from another project. I attached it to the frame with hot glue. When I hung it on the door, I smiled and wondered why I'd procrastinated finishing such a simple project for so long. 

Does your eye go right to those drip marks on our door? Yeah - mine too. Getting rid of those is just one of the reasons I'm excited to have our door repainted in the not too distant future. Woohoo!

While I was outside photographing the door in my pajamas, I captured this glimmer of hope that spring is upon us. The first year at a new house is always an adventure as the garden changes throughout the seasons. 

Happy weekend! 

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