08 February 2013

Valentine Wreath

When we got back from New Zealand and I put away our few Christmas decorations, I started thinking about how I could make a few simple (emphasis on simple) Valentine's Day decorations. Immediately, my mind went to a wreath for the door, and I realized that I hadn't done anything with the wreaths from our old house.

Remember these cab sauv vine wreaths that I picked up on our law school graduation trip to Napa? (They're from this small business, which is sadly closing.)

There was only one problem: the dark vines weren't going to contrast with our dark front door. (They didn't contrast with our old doors, either, but I loved them too much to give them the boot.) Well, we only have one door now, so I decided that I'd use high gloss spray paint on one of the wreaths. After a million coats and a can of spray paint later, the wreath is pretty convincingly white.

To bring Valentine's Day to the wreath, I made a quick and simple bunting to drape across it.


In hind sight, light grey might have been a better choice for the wreath so that the bunting would stand out while the wreath still contrasted with the dark door. However, for the hour or less I have invested in this project, I'll live with it and consider changing the color of the wreath down the road.

How are you decorating for Valentine's Day?

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